We hope you enjoy the growing range of SessionBand products. We certainly enjoyed making them and we are committed to continually improving and steering our products in response to valuable user feedback. Many of the new SessionBand features are as a direct result of customer feedback.

We are committed to releasing regular updates to the SessionBand range. Please email us at if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.

SessionBand updates are now available to download on the App Store. All apps (excluding Original) have been completely re-built using Apple's latest iOS8 Audio Engine, bringing you even better performance and a number of significant new features including:

  • Audiobus iOS8 compatibility (iPhone users please note: due to compatibility issues with Audiobus 2.1.9, we strongly recommend the use of headphones while connecting to Audiobus for best experience).
  • All new tempo-shift allowing seamless, real-time tempo change to +/- 50%
  • New transposition feature caters for Bb and Eb instrumentalists looking for the ultimate play along.
  • Improved touch responsiveness and faster chord block manipulation means song creation just got even quicker!
  • AudioCopy 2.0 compatibility.
Video Help for Blues/Rock/Jazz/Acoustic/Piano/EDM Editions

How to...

Add loop blocks

Go to the Edit screen by tapping the Edit button. Tap the right hand edge of an existing loop block to bring up the insertion cursor (2 arrows). Tap key on piano to choose chord. Tap repeatedly to cycle through chord variations for that note. Press Edit button again to return to main screen.

Resize loop blocks

Go to the Edit screen by tapping the Edit button. Tap the block you wish to resize. Shorten it by pinching your thumb and finger anywhere on the screen. Reverse this action to extend the loop (max 2 bars). Note: Avoid touching the block itself when resizing! Press Edit button to return to main screen.

Delete loop blocks

Go to the Edit screen by tapping the Edit button. Tap the block you wish to delete. Tap the 'x' symbol to delete it. Press Edit button to return to main screen.

Transpose entire track

Go to Edit screen. Use the 2 triangular buttons to transpose your whole track either up or down in semitone steps.

Insert an 'End' loop

To insert an 'End' loop, e.g. at the end of a song or end end of chorus, go to Edit screen. First make sure the loop block is resized to 1-bar length. Tap 'End' button. Loop block will be converted to a sustained end chord.

Insert a drum fill/alternative pattern
(Excludes SessionBand Acoustic and Piano editions)

Go to Edit screen. Tap the loop block which you want to insert a fill within (can be any user-adjusted length). Tap one of the 3 x 'Fill' buttons. Tap 'Normal' to delete a fill. In SessionBand Jazz (Volume 3), Blues and Rock editions, 15 drum fills/alternative patterns are included for each style. Use the drum selector wheel in edit mode to select different drum patterns. Select 'NORMAL' to return to the default pattern

Copy & Paste sections (e.g. copy verse/chorus)

Go to Edit screen. Double-tap the first block of section you want to copy. Selected block and all blocks to right will be highlighted dark green. Scroll to the last block you want to copy and tap once. Choose a place to insert the copied section. Tap 'Paste'.

Hear your track in different styles

Once you've created a track, go to the Styles menu and select a new style from the list in the left-hand column. Tap 'Apply Style' button to hear your track in the new style. Please note: You will not be able to 'Apply Style' to a track with a different time-signature.

Mix your track with Automation off
(SessionBand - Original Edition does NOT have the Automation function in its current release)

Go to the Mixer screen. Set 'Automation' to 'Off' by tapping the button in the panel. Use the mixer faders to alter the volumes of audio channels independently. Tap 'S' to solo a channel. Tap 'M' to mute a channel.

Mix your track with Automation on
(SessionBand - Original Edition does NOT have the Automation function in its current release)

Go to the Mixer screen. Set 'Automation' to 'On/Write' by tapping the button in the panel. Different mixer levels can be set (and stored) for each chord block from this screen. Tap the chord block (turns dark red) and set volumes for that block as required. Alternatively, you can adjust mixer levels as the track is playing. The level stored is the fader level at the point the playhead passes the end of the chord block. Keep fader control pressed to maintain a level for more than one block.

Record your track

There are 2 separate means of recording your track: 'live' recording (where all real-time adjustments are recorded) or 'high speed' which only records the last saved version of your track.


Tap the Record button followed by Play button. You can toggle between all screens during 'live' recording and all adjustments are recorded including tempo (where available), auto -transpose, volume and loop markers. You can pause a 'live' recording and restart (with the play/pause button) with no deterioration in sound quality.


Live recordings are saved as WAV but exported as m4a files if emailed - which you can do directly from the app.


You can also export 'live' recordings as WAV using the AudioCopy 3rd party application directly from SessionBand. Select this option and follow their instructions.


You can transfer BOTH 'live' and 'high speed' recordings as audio (together with the track files – for other SessionBand users who have the same edition to import and open) from the 'Share/Export' section which you will find in the 'Action' menu.

Stream your tracks via Audiobus
(Not available on SessionBand - Original Edition current release)

SessionBand is Audiobus compatible allowing you to stream live audio directly to other Audiobus compatible apps very easily. You will need to purchase the Audiobus app first. See for more information and follow Audiobus simple instructions. Due to inherent latency with the audio path, once you've imported your track into the target app, you will need to trim the beginning and end of the recording in order to fit the new grid.

Save and backup your tracks

First go to the 'Action' menu and tap 'Save'. Give your track an author name and a track title. Tap 'Save'. Using iTunes File Sharing you can also transfer SessionBand files and recordings from your iPad/iPhone to your computer by connecting up the two devices. This is recommended as a way of regularly creating backups of your best work and prior to installing a version upgrade!

Adjust track tempo in real-time
(Please note: SessionBand Acoustic and SessionBand Piano Editions do NOT currently offer the real-time tempo change function as there is noticeable loss of fidelity with some natural instruments)

Tap the BPM button and slide it to the right to increase tempo or the left to decrease it. Tap BPM button again to return to main screen with new tempo set, or tap 'Reset' to return to the native track tempo.

Set metronome
(SessionBand – Original Edition does NOT offer this function in its current release)

Go to the Mixer screen and tap the 'M' button on the metronome channel to activate/unmute it. Adjust metronome volume level using the volume fader.

Activate 1-bar count-in
(SessionBand – Original Edition does NOT offer this function in its current release)

From the main play screen, tap the '1,2,3' button (turns green) to activate a one-bar count-in before the track starts. Rewind track then play.

Insert loop markers

From the main play screen, tap the dark grey area to the right of a bar line to set a 'start' loop marker and tap to the left of a bar line to set an 'end' loop marker. Tap them again to remove.

Name sections of track

From the main play screen, tap the light grey area underneath the bar number panel to bring up the keyboard on your device. Insert text (10 characters max per bar). Examples: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge...




> Video Help for Jazz/Acoustic/Piano Editions